Hello, I'm Minoti Mom!

MINOTI USMay 1, '22

Since my children were born my name changed to Mom, so I introduce myself Hello! I'm Minoti Mom

Choosing the kids clothing supplier that fits you best

MINOTI USJul 28, '21

When beginning in the children's fashion business, one of the main concerns is finding a high-quality, affordable, and reliable wholesale clothing supplier, one that would be able to provide your business with the latest trends, styles, and designs for babies, boys, and girls. And this is not an easy task at all! - MINOTI - Kids Clothing Wholesale

What to buy for a successful kid's clothing business?

MINOTI USJul 21, '21

Maybe you're planning on opening a kid's clothing store, or maybe you already own one. It's a fun, challenging, profitable business, no doubt about that. But you must understand that there are many things to consider when managing a fashion boutique for children. And, as you can imagine, choosing the...

It's summertime... time to have fun with MINOTI!

MINOTI USJul 19, '21

Finally, summer is here. Time to enjoy beautiful warm sunny days, fun moments at the beach, and delicious evening BBQs with family and friends. So many things to do and cherish! But most importantly, time to dress up your kids' clothing wholesale store with MINOTI's new Summer Collection for babies, boys, and girls.