4th of July Style Guide for Children

4th of July Style Guide for Children

MINOTI USJul 1, '20

The holiday is all about family, friend, and fun! So wether you are going down to the park, boating or having a family barbecue, the kids' comfort is nothing to be overlooked. There's nothing like the feeling of playing around, getting dirty, and laughing to tears with friends, and whether this happens or not is strongly influenced by what they are wearing and how comfortable they feel.

Now that the day is just around the corner, we thought a little inspiration for your kids' outfits would help! Here are some ideas of comfortable yet trendy looks to wear this year. The best part of it? All the looks are at 50% OFF!

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1. All about starts 


Girl dress stars kids apparel 4th of july comfortable cotton
girls legging starts red kids fashion cotton apparel clothes

Girls Stars Denim Shirt

2. Stripes and more stripes 

grils knitted stripes navy dress kids clothes
3. Denim and patches always make life better


jacket patches denim kids boys cool clothes


girls denim jacket patches cool kids clothes apparel

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