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Choosing the kids clothing supplier that fits you best

MINOTI USJul 28, '21

When beginning in the children's fashion business, one of the main concerns is finding a high-quality, affordable, and reliable wholesale clothing supplier, one that would be able to provide your business with the latest trends, styles, and designs for babies, boys, and girls. And this is not an easy task at all!

Do Research

Having the right kid's clothing suppliers is crucial to your business. Choosing the correct ones will help you run your business smoothly and reliably. But make the wrong decision, and you'll be living your worst nightmare.

Think of it this way: your suppliers are your partners in this exciting venture. And you want partners you can trust and rely upon. So, you have to do research..., and lots of it. Research thoroughly. It won't be easy, but finding reliable and trustworthy children's apparel suppliers is absolutely necessary.

So, where do you start? Your first option must be the local suppliers. Most likely, there will be at least one kids' clothing wholesaler in your town or nearby city; visit them first. Also, consider contacting—or visiting if possible—suppliers located in other cities throughout the US. 

Working with local suppliers offers many, many advantages. For starters, it's much easier having direct access to them. Nothing is better than having a person-to-person relationship to build a strong, long-lasting business partnership. Visiting their premises and showrooms won't be a hassle. Compare that to needing to travel to another country—or even another continent—to make a business transaction.

Another major advantage is that local suppliers can respond almost immediately to unforeseen market changes. Sometimes, things just happen, and your business needs solutions fast. Usually, a local supplier is more flexible and can adapt and respond much better to ever-changing market requirements. 

And, what about the delivery time? Yeah, a much faster delivery time is one of the great benefits of local sourcing. Having your store fully stocked is crucial to keep sales rolling.

And let's not forget, working with local suppliers lowers your business's financial costs.

These are just a few benefits of choosing a local kids' clothing supplier. Read a more detailed description of these benefits at: https://minoti.us/blogs/noticias/want-your-business-to-succeed-buy-local-sourcing.

Now, let's keep going. 

Technology can be your ally, too. Nowadays, finding kid's clothes wholesalers is much easier than ever before. The internet has become an essential tool for this task, offering thousands, even millions of online suppliers from all over the world. 

But maybe you are not a tech-savvy person. If that is the case, trade shows are your best option. Kids' clothing wholesalers participate in trade shows you can attend around the country and—if your budget permits—all over the world. Go, take a look, and create your own business network.

Choosing the Right Supplier

What does it make a supplier THE RIGHT supplier?

Suppliers, there are many. Once you've researched what kids' clothing wholesalers are available, you need to consider a few things for choosing the right ones.

All clothing manufacturers and suppliers have their own styles. The style of their clothing, does it express your brand's personality? Their designs reflect their vision of fashion to satisfy a specific niche in the market. So, find the ones that match your brand's style.

Do they have a collection for every season so you can do business all year round? You want your business to sell from January to December, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Non-stop! Meaning you need a supplier that can provide your boutique with different garments for every season. Usually, kids' clothing manufactures create at least two collections per year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Make sure you choose a supplier that can reliably fulfill this condition.

Another consideration is the quality of their garments. Which fabrics do they use? How good are the seams? Are the prints going to last, or are they going to fade after the first wash? Not all suppliers have the same quality in their production. Choose manufactures that comply with your quality standards, which takes us to my next point.

Compare prices. Yeah, I know. It's obvious, but I had to say it. Comparing prices does not mean choosing the cheapest one by default. No, no, no. The cheapest supplier is not always the best option. To drastically decrease production costs, many manufactures use low-quality raw materials, be aware of this! Taking into consideration the price-quality ratio is key. Look for discounts for wholesalers, rebates, promotions, and any other benefit they might offer.

Evaluate their production capacity and delivery time. Nothing is worst for a kids' clothing store than running out of stock. Your customers won't wait for you. Don't let sales plummet. Having a reliable supplier is vital to your success.

So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to make money in the kids' clothing business, MINOTI is your best choice for a local supplier. We produce the best kid's wear in the market, made from quality premium materials. Our stylish and unique apparel exclusively collections are designed in the UK. We have all you need for your boutique in just one place.

MINOTI is your kids' clothing wholesale local supplier. We are located in sunny Florida, and we'd love making business with you.

If you have any doubts, questions, or need support, please let us know. Shoot us an email at: sales@minoti.us. We are here to help!

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