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MINOTI USMay 1, '22


I introduce myself, I am Minoti Mom, a mom just like you. A few years ago, I debuted in the most challenging and rewarding role of all, being the mother of two little ones who came into my life to teach me and learn with me.

I'm not going to lie to you, these years have had their good days and their not so good days, days where I wanted to cry and give up, then my children hug me or call me mommy and magically I found strength that I thought I didn't have to continue.

Motherhood can be complicated for many, because we have decided to break with parenting patterns and not make the "mistakes" of our parents, but we make our own mistakes always thinking of the best for our little ones.

There is no perfect formula to raise a child, each one has different needs that as a mother we must attend to. I am an imperfect mom for my kids, YES, imperfect, that mom who makes mistakes, who does not prepare the perfect dessert and who can forget some school activity.

I understood that an imperfect mom is what my children need, I am the mom who laughs out loud watching a children's movie, I cry when my children are sick and I know how to ask for help when I need it.

If you ask me how these years exercising the title of mother have been, without hesitation I would say that Ii hasn't been easy, I've had to breathe deeply and count to 1000 to not lose my patience in the infinite situations that I, as a mother,  have had to live.

In this blog I will share my experience as a Mommy of two children, the prince that every woman dreams of, my son, and the princess of my stories, my daughter. Both of different ages, with different tastes and something in common, a mom who loves fashion.

My passion for fashion is something that little by little I will share with you, I faithfully believe that Fashion and style must go hand in hand with comfort, nothing like seeing your children with a spectacular look playing on a birthday and knowing that they feel comfortable.

Welcome, and stay tuned for more!
- Minoti Mom ♥

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