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It's summertime... time to have fun with MINOTI!

MINOTI USJul 19, '21

Finally, summer is here. Time to enjoy beautiful warm sunny days, fun moments at the beach, and delicious evening BBQs with family and friends. So many things to do and cherish! But most importantly, time to dress up your kids' clothing wholesale store with MINOTI's new Summer Collection for babies, boys, and girls. 

Our exclusive Summer Collection is a must for every kids' clothes wholesaler. Entirely designed in the UK, it's trendy, stylish, and super-fun. Made of high-quality fabrics with fabulous prints and patterns for kids of all ages. 

Today we want to share a few ideas on what kids can do to have a great time this summer. Maybe you can share these ideas with your customers and offer them the perfect apparel for every occasion.

Outdoors Fun

Summer is the perfect season to spend outdoors. Kids can enjoy quality time at the beach, nearby lake, or local waterway. Swimming, paddling, surfing, kayaking..., so much to do. Or take them to a swimming hole or lazy river to go for a quick dip; it's just as fun!

If you have a backyard pool, have your children invite some friends. They can play water games and enjoy a terrific time together. Taking a sunbath is always relaxing, but make sure they apply enough sunscreen over their entire bodies. You don't want them getting a sunburn!

Take The kids for a hike and walk in nature. Walking in the woods is an experience in itself. Head to national and state parks or even just the local trail. Remember not to litter. Make sure boys and girls pick up all their trash when they leave. 

A camp in your backyard... Kids will love it! You don't need to take the children to the far-off wilderness to have any fun in nature. They can pitch a tent in the backyard and spend the night chit chatting, sharing horror stories, and maybe even cooking s’mores.

On a clear night, grab a telescope and go to a retired spot away from city lights. Or just even bring a blanket to gaze up. Kids can look at the stars and planets in the night sky. And if there is a meteor shower, you'll enjoy a spectacular show.

Kids can also go for a picnic. Just get some snacks from the pantry and a blanket and take them to their favorite park. Let them bring along friends for an incredible time until the sunset.

Take the kids to a playground and let 'em loose. The slide, swing, and monkey bars are timeless. It's also a great opportunity for your children to make new friends.

Get Sporty

Sports are a joyful and healthy way to spend summer. Ready for a football game? Maybe baseball or basketball is your thing? Have the kids take what gear they've got and set it up in the backyard or they can use the equipment available at your local park and play all day long with their friends. 

Obviously, swimming is the perfect sport for the summer season. Invite some friends to your backyard pool or go together to your local public pool. Swimming is fun and refreshing, especially on hot summer days. 

Running is a great exercise. Grab your dog run and together; chances are you’ll have a great time, and your pet too.

Summer in the City

Even the tiniest towns have little-known unique spots. You'll find places with a remarkable history that kids can visit. Map out some landmarks and attractive spots around your city area. Gather your children and start wandering. 

Kids love riding their bikes. Let them ride around the city and experience it from a new perspective. It's an experience they won't forget.

Visiting museums is also an interesting and educative alternative. Odds are there are free museums in your area. Check them out!

In-doors Activities are Just as Fun

Host a movie night. Invite your kids' friends. Make sure everyone dresses in pajamas. Have drinks and snacks prepared, and let them enjoy a night together. 

For those overcast and rainy summer days, have a special evening eating pizza and playing board games. No matter who wins or loses, you all will get a delicious treat regardless.

Why not spend those rainy afternoons trying to master some fancy trick? Kids can learn a party trick like juggling or origami. It's a lot of fun and will awe their friends. 

And much more to do!

Have your kids ever attended a book reading? This summer might just be the right time to do it. Many favorite authors participate in book tours. Maybe one of your kid's favorite authors is in town. Check it out!

Let your kids spend an afternoon with their friends going scavenger hunt. Set up some prizes and let them find out who's hunting skills are the strongest.

Have a summer family reunion. Kids love meeting their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and, especially, their cousins! Share stories, play games..., just enjoy being together.

Whether for outdoor or indoor summer activities, night or day, MINOTI's Summer Collection offers the perfect outfit for kids of all ages: swimsuits, T-shirts, shorts, dresses, jeans, pajamas, shirts, sweaters..., and much more. Get all you need to stock your kids' clothing wholesale in just one place.

MINOTI, your kids' clothing wholesale local supplier. We are located in sunny Florida, and we'd love making business with you.

If you have any doubts, questions, or need support, please let us know. Shoot us an email at sales@minoti.us. We are here to help!

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