Our 5 Tips to Choose the Right Fit for your Children

Our 5 Tips to Choose the Right Fit for your Children

MINOTI USOct 23, '20

“Too big or too small?” “Size 24 months or 2T”  Children’s sizing can be stressing, but we are here to help you figure out the perfect fit for your little one. 

So here are our 5 tips to avoid returns and exchanges when shopping for children:

1. Know your child’s basic body measurements. Don't worry, we've got you covered:

2. Listen to them! Listen to how they feel with what they’re wearing and take notes on that. Do they seem uncomfortable? Have they expressed it? Are the clothes limiting their enjoyment?

3. Think of baby (month) sizes as “up to” . When you’re looking at baby clothing, it’s best to see it as topping out at that month (A “9 months” tee may fit your six or seven-month-old)

4.Understand Toddler sizing (24 months is not the same as 2T) The T sizes are a slimmer fit than the infant by-month sizes like 24 months.

5. Familiarize yourself with sizing standards in other countries 

We hope we helped! And if you have any more tips, tricks or recommendations👇🏻 Leave them in the comments!  Remember our goal is to inspire kids to be what they want to be, and what better way to achieve that than feeling their best with their clothes. :)

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