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Want your business to succeed? Buy local sourcing

MINOTI USJul 12, '21

Baby and children's fashion is a fascinating business. It's an ever-changing industry in which creative thinking, innovative concepts, and daring designs are at its core. But, as I said, it's a business; and as such, it requires good planning and a well-thought strategy to excel and succeed.

One key aspect you must consider when planning for your kids' clothing wholesale or boutique is your chain of suppliers. Trust me, it's very, very important!

Ask yourself these questions: Who can provide your kids' clothing wholesale business with the latest designs your customers want? Who can reliably supply your store with trending apparel for every season, every year, every time? Who offers the best price-quality ratio? These are simple questions, but your success or failure depends on the answers.

Finding the best suppliers is not an easy task. You can choose from millions of wholesale kids' clothes companies all over the world. But why looking around the planet when you can find reliable local sourcing? 

Usually, when evaluating a list of suppliers, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. Many times the lowest price is the deciding factor, but it shouldn't be. There are many other aspects to consider, and once you do, you may come to realize that maybe going local is, in fact, the best option.

So, today, I want to share with you why having a local supplier for your kids' clothing wholesale store is your best option.

1 It's about having greater control.

When you buy local, it's much easier to have direct access to your supplier. Something as simple as having the same time zone (or just a couple of hours difference, like we do in the US) makes coordinating business affairs much easier. And an unplanned visit to the supplier's facility to meet them in person and evaluate their business practices first-hand...; yes, you can do it! This type of oversight is only possible when you work with your local supplier.

2 Flexibility is the key.

A new business opportunity can present unexpectedly. Would you be ready to meet the challenge? Or would you miss this chance? 

Flexibility is a great advantage local suppliers can offer. They react faster. It's much easier to coordinate with them across the neighborhood than around the world. Flexibility gives your business a head start and can be the difference between failure and success.

3 Get all your stock on time.

Your order just arrived from (place a foreign country here). Now you're ready to sell... last season's collection! 

Buying from international suppliers may result in delivery setbacks due to transportation problems or port or customs delays. But, we all know that time is money! You can't wait. Your customers won't wait. 

The babies and kids' fashion market is especially susceptible to seasons. What is trendy today may not be next month. So, to get your products on time, buy local! 

4 Lower your costs at all costs

Companies in the US spend on logistics staggering amounts of money; this is an enormous burden to their budget and financial challenge. By localizing your supply chain, you can substantially reduce many of these costs. Spending less on logistics means saving money or reinvesting it in your clothing store.

5 Language can be an impassable barrier 

Received the wrong order? Are not the colors you chose? Language barriers can be, say the least, problematic. Misunderstandings may lead to costly errors and even make a business tank. Obviously, with local suppliers, this is not an issue. Being able to talk to your supplier and understand each other is invaluable. It just makes the experience much more pleasant and satisfying.

6 Reduced Currency Risk

Maybe this one was out of your radar. But currency exchange rates can dramatically impact your business transaction. By using the same currency, you will avoid the risks associated with currency exchange rates fluctuations. These non-financial risks directly affect imported goods pricing. Local sourcing is the solution! 

7 Do it for your business and your community.

Local sourcing will provide a boost to your community's economy. Working in partnership with domestic suppliers helps increase your and your suppliers' profits, as well as the revenue of other industries in your area. These will translate into a better local economy for everyone who lives there.

8 Doing business with responsibility and integrity.

Buying your store's stock in a foreign country may be cheaper, but have you considered why? One reason is that in these countries the cost of labor is cheap, very cheap; but at a high price. Abusive practices, organized crime, and corruption are the rule, and workers live in utter misery. This is an ethical dilemma you must ponder. Obviously, this is not the case in the US, where companies and workers comply with the highest standards worldwide. Consider buying local, and keep peace of mind.

9 Making true partnership.

Local suppliers are more than just order takers. They can add value to your business by working together; as a team. They will share their expertise and know-how to widen your market and boost your sales.  

So, next time you look for a local supplier for your kids' clothing wholesale store or boutique, just look around your neighborhood. We are MINOTI, we are located in sunny Florida, and we'd love making business with you.

If you have any doubts, questions, or need support, please let us know. Shoot us an email at sales@minoti.us. We are here to help!

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