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What to buy for a successful kid's clothing business?

MINOTI USJul 21, '21

Maybe you're planning on opening a kid's clothing store, or maybe you already own one. It's a fun, challenging, profitable business, no doubt about that. But you must understand that there are many things to consider when managing a fashion boutique for children. And, as you can imagine, choosing the proper clothing collections to supply your business with is one of the most important considerations.

Sometimes, new store owners buy loosely, usually buying much more than needed. You shouldn't purchase in excess nor overstock on any one single clothing line. Don't put all your eggs in one basket! 

The wise thing to do is buy at kid's clothing wholesalers in small quantities the most exclusive and expensive apparel; and more inventory of clothing that sells at accessible prices. Don't buy whatever outfit you find cute or pretty. Just because you like it doesn't mean it will sell well. Do research. Find out what is trendy in the market, what your client's needs and tastes are, how much they are willing to spend, consider how cold or hot the seasons in your city are. Analyzing all these factors will help you choose the appropriate collections to boost sales at your kid's clothing store. 

Think of it, different types of clothing sell differently depending on the region of the country. Sales may vary from state to state or even from city to city. For this reason, you shouldn't buy too much of any line of clothing until you see how they sell in your area.

Kid's clothing wholesalers offer an almost infinite range of possibilities to choose from. But, there are some basic garments that you should never be short of. Here is a list of children's apparel must-haves.

Must-haves in a kids' clothing store

These are some of the items any kid's clothing shop must always have in inventory. These garments are not very expensive and have a great rotation rate. They should be supplied in enough quantities to satisfy your customers' demand.


The number one kids' apparel is T-shirts. T-shirts are stylish, comfortable, and timeless; and are one of the most popular clothing items for babies, boys, and girls. Parents love unisex T-shirts because they make choosing what to buy easier.


Shirts make children look dapper and cute at the same time. Choose short-sleeve shirts for spring and summer and long-sleeve for the colder seasons. Don't forget to include T-shirts as part of your inventory!


Pants are also a must when it comes to kids' wear. Casual pants made of cotton are comfortable and stretchable; kids love them. Parents like pants because they can help keep the legs safe from wear and tear when kids play outdoors..., and because pants are so cute!


These are the classic and most popular apparel when it comes to clothing for young girls of any age. They are pretty and super comfortable to wear. Girls look adorable in their skirts. Skirts can be combined with a variety of options such as T-shirts, tops, or leggings. 


In summer, shorts are, by far, the most popular bottom wear for kids. When wearing shorts, kids feel free to move as much as they want. Shorts come in different designs, colors, and fabrics. They are ideal for a casual look.


Jeans are just... Jeans! Every kid has one, actually more than one. And they love them! Jeans are cool and stylish, ideal for any season, and can be combined with, basically, anything. Jeans are available in shorts and full trousers with designs for both: boys and girls. Jeans are a MUST!


In summer, swimsuits will fly off your shelves. Have a collection of swimsuits for babies, boys, and girls. Swimsuits with UV protection are all the rage now. Never run out of stock!

And for the babies...

There are some clothing essentials for babies that your kids' clothes wholesale must always have.


To always keep babies' feet warm and protected, socks are a necessity at an early age!


What can I say? Every kid needs pajamas, especially babies. Preferably, choose pajamas and sleepers made from 100% cotton; they are soft, comfortable, ideal for a good night's sleep.

Select designs to define your boutique's personality

As a kids' clothing business, it's necessary to define your boutique's style and personality, its DNA. To run your business successfully, your brand's DNA must be unique, clearly defined, recognizable, and tangible.

Offering—in smaller quantities and at a higher price—a collection of select or exclusive outfits that reflect your brand's personality imprints an aura of exclusiveness that attracts premium clientele. Choosing the appropriate suppliers means selecting those who can provide your business with such collections. When searching for a kids' clothing wholesale supplier, take this into consideration and choose wisely!

So, if you are looking to get the best kid's wear in the market, made from quality premium materials, with stylish, unique designs, your best choice is MINOTI. We have all you need for your business, in just one place. 

MINOTI is your kids' clothing wholesale local supplier. We are located in sunny Florida, and we'd love making business with you.

If you have any doubts, questions, or need support, please let us know. Shoot us an email at sales@minoti.us. We are here to help!

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