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MINOTI is an International family owned fashion brand/distributor of children’s apparel with a strong foundation, established in 1997 in Manchester, UK.

We have become a leading provider of childrenswear around the UK and worldwide selling our wide range of products through multi-channel retail and wholesale operations in the UK and through franchise operations across our international markets in Europe, USA, Middle East, Central and South America, Asia and Australia.

At Minoti we are committed to ensure that the manufacture of all our products is performed in compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards of social responsibility. Our main sources are China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. 



Minoti is a unique brand for unique kids, we provide quality  apparel that combines modern designs and authentic details.  The ranges are diverse and cover all fashion needs for kids,  the width and variety of our collections mean customers can  always find something to suit their style and their wardrobe.

Our designs are  inspiring and imaginative with an edge,  combining unique style & classic pieces, vibrant colours and  statement prints whilst remembering that kids should be kids.  We pride ourselves on being sustainable, durable, of high  quality and functional.

The Minoti child is carefree, adventurous and above all, stylish  with an inbuilt swagger and ice cool style.



















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